I Am Legion

Mark 5:9 - "And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many"
The story of Legion is an interesting one. A man who was possessed by demons, living on the outskirts of society, was saved by Jesus Christ.
Legions life was completely turned around. He was naked, dirty, and cutting himself every day. People avoided him. He was an outcast in every sense of the word.
In the Roman army, a legion was 3000 to 6000 soldiers. We can safely assume that Legion had that many demons within his body. Yet he STILL worshipped the Son of God when Jesus approached him.
We don't know what Legion's real name was, but when he introduced himself to Jesus, he was just Legion. That was his "name" for all intents and purposes.
I recommend everyone go and read Mark chapter 5.
As I said, Legion was the person that everyone avoided. If we saw him walking around our town, we'd probably want nothing to do with him.
You may STILL be legion.
Let me explain.
Before we get saved, we are outcasts from Heaven. We are filthy, covered in sin. The Holy Spirit has nothing to do with us.
God approaches us, and we can choose whether we receive him.
Some of us choose to recognize Him. We introduce ourselves to Him. 
"I am Legion, for my sins are many"
We worship Him, and he drives the demons out of us. He washes us clean.
In the Bible, the demons that were in Legion ask Jesus to let them inhabit swine that are nearby. They enter into the swine, and proceed to jump into the ocean, where they are drowned.
Jesus has the power to choke out the demons inside you.
After the demons leave Legion, he is clothed, sitting, talking to Jesus. He becomes civilized. His life is completely changed. Jesus changed his life around.
And He will change YOUR life around.
You don't have to be Legion anymore! He will clean you up!
Thank God that I don't have to be Legion anymore. Thank God that He gave me a new name.