About Us

At King's Counsel, we believe that God Almighty deserves all the glory and praise for the accomplishments that we make. We strive to honor Him in everything that we do.

We also believe that He has made us masculine and feminine. We are unapologetic in the pursuit of that dynamic. 

Our products are for the man who deserves to be treated like a King. He makes things happen with intention, then comes home and makes his woman feel like the Queen that she is.

They are for the woman who handles her business, whether she's in the workforce or on the home front. She is strong, and wants to achieve the same goals as her man, because he is the King.

Most of all, our products are for those who know what they deserve, who are willing and able to embrace the role that God has given them, and refuse to let others tell them how to live.

We salute you. We have the products that you need.

Clean Your Crown
God Bless